OrganixGreen offers weed control for Chester, Montgomery and Delaware Counties

Weed Control

We appreciate how important your lawn is, certainly we wont allow weeds ruin your beautiful green lawn. We all agree weeds destroy much-needed nutrients from greens and your plants.  fortunately Organix Green is here to help with your weed problems!  Often homeowners maybe  having trouble with a variety of different weeds.

Do you have broadleaf weeds such as henbit, dandelions or thistles?

first we eliminate weeds from your lawn ASAP. That is the first line of attack. Then we strive is to grow a thick, vigorous green lawn. Many times if you have a weed issue we approach your fertilization regiment differently.

Organix Green is an expert in grassy weeds such as poa annua, crabgrass and nutsedge. Let us eliminate any type of weed you may have.

Educated customers become informed on pro active measures while we take care of their weed problems

Organix Green wants you to deter weeds from returning in the future and are always open to giving you advise and simple tricks to enable you fight the return of any and all types of weeds.