Trees and Shrubs

Shrubs and Trees are best suited in a natural forest environment. This is where organic debris are free to decompose along with leaves. This enables the creation of an abundance of active microbiology in the soil.

Organix Green uses only the best products available and when organic systems out put into play only Holganix is used. This helps to recreate the natural forest soil environment for your shrubs and trees by building up the microbiological life in and around your landscaping.   This process helps to establish stronger root development and nutrient usage. The correct organic products applied correctly helps establish healthier shrubs and that are able to withstand disease and insect damage.

Our Tree and Shrub Care Program

Round 1
Horticultural Oil Application: Effective form of control for many types of insects that leave eggs on plants. These include scale insects, some spider mites certain Adelaide, aphids and other insect that over-winter in your trees and shrubs.

Round 2
Fertilization: This will help increase the overall health, color, and vigor of the landscape. Also, helps with the recuperation of winter damage. The blooms will be brighter. Makes plant material look their best in spring.

Round 3
Insect and disease Control: Early growth protection application. This will stop mites, Jap Beetles, and the majority of any sucking so chewing insects, including cankerworms tent caterpillars. Prevents disease like apple scab, rust, powdery mildew.

Round 4
Mid season foliage and disease protection: Reduces leaf chewing pest problems like Japanese beetles, weevils, mite’s lace bugs, and scale.

Round 5
Late Season Foliage and Disease Protection: Minimizes web worm population, aphid’s lace bugs, and mites. Evaluate landscape and make cultural recommendations.

Round 6
Deep Root Zone Fertilization Application: Supplements the stored nutrient supply. Promotes better root development, and improves plant hardiness.