Lawn Care Fertilization

Our Lawn Care Program

Lawn Care Fertilization Round 1
balanced fertilizer to promote color, vigor, and turf health. A blanketed pre-emergent crabgrass control. This is to prevent crabgrass from germinating. A liquid, broadleaf weed control if weeds are actively growing.

Round 2
A balanced fertilizer, followed by blanket liquid broadleaf weed control, and a second pre-emergent crabgrass control to lengthen and strengthen the first treatment. A Insect inspection.*Tick and Flea control (Additional charge) recommended at this time

Round 3
: A balanced fertilizer. Liquid Broadleaf weed control (Blanket or spot sprayed, based on how many weeds are present in the turf). Grub application recommended at this time.

Round 4
A balanced fertilizer. Liquid broad leaf weed control and liquid post-emergent crabgrass control. This application will also address any undesirable “grassy weeds” such as yellow nutsedge *Tick and Flea control recommended at this time

Round 5
A fertilizer with increased levels of potassium to help grow grass roots deeper in the soil. Liquid broad leaf weed control and post-emergent crabgrass control if needed.

Round 6
A potassium fertilizer. This will winterizer the turf and will most likely be the last application of the season. Potassium is used for root growth and development. Grass roots remain actively growing in the winter and need the nutrients. Any remaining weeds will also be eliminated.