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Lawn Care Fertilization

Lawn Care Fertilization

Our 6 round Main Line, PA fertilization process promotes deep roots and healthy grass.  Our lawn care fertilization program will give you that beautiful, rich grass you’ve always wanted.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs

Organix Green has a specialized fertilization process to keep your Main Line, PA trees and shrubs looking great all year long.  Our unique process helps your trees and shrubs thrive.

Weed Control

Weed Control

Main Line Weed control is one of the keys to a beautiful, lush, green lawn.  Our weed prevention and control techniques can remove weed infestation and keep weeds at bay.

Organix Green – Serving Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Bucks County

Organix Green – The Top Rated  Full Service Company for Lawn Care, Weed Control, Tree and Shrubbery Maintenance. Creating a beautiful green lawn is every homeowner’s desire but it isn’t easy. Organix Green lawn services and treatments make it much easier. Organic Green Lawns provides professional local services and treatments to make this happen. Local is because we also care what happens to the communities where we live. We are not a franchise like Tru Green and Lawn Doctor. All our services are by the corporate office based in Malvern, PA. Please compare us to any other service as most are very good including the franchise services. However if we are given the opportunity for your business we pledge to make you a happy customer for life.

Organix Green Is a Top Rated Full Service Organic Lawn Care Company with it’s headquaters in Malvern, PA. Offering Tree, Shrubbery and Weed Control Maintenance Plans to home owners associations and municipalities.

Special Offers

Billions of dollars are wasted every year on harsh chemicals attempting to put your immediate environment outside your windows and doors subject to poisonous chemicals endangering your family, pets and local community. The only Organic Product we use is Haloganix with it’s corporate headquarters is based nearby in Concordvill, PA. The reason is simple as they are the best manufactures of organic products in the U.S. Creating the perfect green lawn, which is every homeowner’s desire but it isn’t a simple task.
The health of your family, pets and the water cycle is as important to us as the appearance of your lawns and shrubbery. We offer affordable prices that make it even easier to go the natural safe way to make your yard healthier and happier. Organix Green is dedicated to your property being beautiful while your neighbors will asking at the same time, why not me as well. March through November you will see our organic lawn trucks and professionals in the Mainline, Chester County, Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery as well.

We proudly display our General Liability Insurance and Main Line, PA Certified Licenses. In addition Organix Green been has been chosen as the top rated Company by Chester County Direct, Local Best List and Favorite Contractors Services in Chester County, Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery Counties for over 30 years. Please contact to join the millions of people that realize we have our health and planet to consider and everyone of us can make the difference.

OrganixGreen has allowed me not to worry about my Main Line, PA lawn.

Roger L.

Home Owner, Exton, PA

I have a very busy schedule so it is great to not have to worry about the quality of our Main Line, PA lawn and the Main Line fertilization it needs.

Jenny M.

Home Owner, Downingtown, PA

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